Free Teacher and Coach Support Resources From the Minnesota Army National Guard

The Minnesota Army National Guard has several programs that we offer to high schools in Minnesota. They are being offered for use at your school at no cost and with no obligation from any of the students or faculty. Programs include:

Classroom Presentations: Discussions can include Leadership, Military History, Life after High School, Army National Guard Features and Benefits, Anti-Drug, Career Exploration, Financial Planning and subjects related to STEM Careers.

Sports Conditioning Camps: Tailored to any sport, these programs focus on physical conditioning, team building, and leadership.

Interactive Display Assets: A great way to enhance your Senior Day activities, assets include a rock climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course, electronic punching bag arcade machine and more.

All of these programs will be staffed by professionally trained Army National Guard personnel. Based on the program and your request, our personnel can support the programs in their traditional Army camouflage uniform, physical fitness uniform, or appropriate business casual attire.

We also host Educator lift events at various National Guard facilities throughout the year. The purpose of these visits is to familiarize educators with the role and missions of the Citizen-Soldier by flying them to Camp Ripley for a hands-on experience led by our professionals. The overall experience is valuable for superintendents, principals, teachers, and guidance counselors to understand the opportunities available to their students by serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard.

If you would like to receive more information on any of our programs, please contact your local area recruiter or fill-out the form below.

We offer various classes, resources, and assets available to assist you; our time being the most requested. We are not limited by the options below. Please feel free to contact us to inquire how the Minnesota Army National Guard can help you and your students.



• Resume Building

• Budgeting Basics


• Goal Setting

• Interviewing

• Leadership

• Test Taking


• Social Networking Safety

• Communication

• Conflict Resolution

• Drugs and Alcohol

• Physical Fitness

• Health and Nutrition

• School Violence Prevention


• Career Direction

• ASVAB Interpretation

• Personality Assessment

• DoD Armed Services



• Military Standard Workouts

• Physical Fitness Assessment

• Advertising and Booth Space

• Circuit Training

• Rock Wall


  1. Awards and recognition

  2. Professionally designed banners & Posters

  3. Motivational speakers sharing challenges, setting goals, and positive thinking10x10 Pop up Tent

  4. Arm Wrestling Table: ​The Arm Wrestling Table has a solid black metal frame. This item is not collapsable but has a soft top. Works well as an Add-on.

  5. Black Ops Obstacle Course (2): ​Length: 35 feet Width: 25 feet Height: 19 feet

  6. Bubble Bump Soccer: ​Bubble Bump Soccer! - Great for high school visits with Athlete's. Very interactive, comes in sets 12 for 6 vs 6 games, first to 10 goals wins. Recommend using it on a soccer field, if power is available background music is encouraged. Ask about inflate/deflate, and safety questions at time of pickup.

  7. Camper/Ice House: Good for outdoor-type events. Fishing or Camping clinics. Can be used for overnight sleeping. Propane fueled, comes with 2 benches. Not permitted for use on Ice.

  8. Charging Kiosk (4): ​Place at a Booth or Display set up to allow the charging of multiple electronic devices. Has ports for USB, Android, Iphone, etc..

  9. Color Guard Set (ACU)

  10. Color Guard Set (ASU)

  11. Corn hole Game Set: The wrap varies. All come with 8 bags of 2 different colors. Makes a nice Add-on or good for long term use.

  12. Criss Cross Inflatable (2)

  13. CrossFit Equipment Trailer: ​Used to set up circuit training course. Contains 4 Sets Kettle Bells, 8 Medicine Balls, 10 Speed/Jump Ropes, 2 Heavy Ropes, PT Mats, Agility Cones, Pull Up Bar (Optional), PA/Sound System(recommended)(Separate Request Required)

  14. Disc Golf: Great for high school visits with Athlete's. Very interactive. Recommend using it on a soccer field, if power is available background music is encouraged. This comes with 3 sets of 3 disc.

  15. Dog/ID Tag Machine (4): Makes ID-Tags. Great for give-aways and easy to use. Note: Please specify number of ID Tags needed.

  16. Drunk Goggles Set: ​Comes with 6 different goggles all showing the effects of driving under different forms of impairment.

  17. Empty Trailer (Large)

  18. Empty Trailer (Small)

  19. Figure 8 Obstacle Course (2): ​Length: 58 feet Width: 30 feet Height: 20 feet

  20. Fitness Trailer: ​Used for Cross-Fit, and PT

  21. Floor Hockey Set: ​2 Nets, 6 red hockey sticks, 6 blue hockey sticks, 2 goalie sticks, balls, pucks, and tennis balls.

  22. Fog Machine: ​Chauvet Hurricane Fog Machine - Great for single area events. Catches attention, safe for use around people. Can be manually operated or set on automatic timer with fog strength. Ask for demonstration at time of pick up or prior.

  23. iCombat Laser Tag: The iCombat Laser Tag system. Each set comes with 6 M4 Style Laser Rifles, 6 Magazines w/Co2, and 6 Combat Vests. Multiple sets can be requested, especially for RSP training events. Please alot some time in your schedule for a very brief class on usage(10-15min).

  24. Inflatable Baseball Toss: Inflatable Batting Cage w/Pitching Machine. 3-Piece Set - Inflatable Cage, Ball Net, and Pitching Machine. Also comes with 1 Blower, Bats, Baseballs, and Batting Helmet(OSFA).

  25. Inflatable Fast Pitch w/Radar Gun: ​Comes with Radar Gun, 1 Blower and Baseballs.

  26. Inflatable Field Goal Kick

  27. Inflatable Football Toss #1

  28. Inflatable Football Toss #2

  29. Inflatable Football Toss #3

  30. Inflatable Spider Tent (2)

  31. LaCrosse Sticks & Nets: Balls available as well. 2 Brand New Nets!

  32. Medium Obstacle Course w/Trailer: Medium piece w/ slide and small front piece

  33. Mini Mixer w/Speaker: Perfect for adding sound to any event. Comes with 1 wired microphone and 1 speaker. Additional speakers can be hand-receipted if necessary. Note: Works best when trying to input music from a mobile device, for use of CD's, the P.A. system is recommended

  34. Mini-V Golf Kart w/Trailer: ​Wrapped Club Car mocked up as HMMWV. Great for parades, We-Fest type concert events, Grass drag events, etc. ***Most Golf Courses will not allow due to the tread-type of the tires.

  35. Movietime Portable Theater: Portable movie theater system: Inflatable Screen, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Projector​, Speakers and Amp, Blower

  36. MRO (Mobile Recruiting Office) (3)

  37. PA System (2)

  38. Paintball Gun: There is a total of 70 Paintball guns. Each tote has 10 Weapons, 10 Masks, 10 Hoppers, 10 Plungers, and 10 Barrel covers, along with an Instruction Manual. There is also Co2 tanks that will come with the weapons, you may ask for more tanks if need be. Paintball guns must be free of paint and barrel cleaned prior to being returned to MET.

  39. Pedal Kart Trailer w/Drunk Goggles (4): Each National Guard wrapped 8x14 trailer comes with 4 Pedal Carts, 2 Sandwich Boards, and 50 cone assemblies. There are 2 complete units currently set up.

  40. Professional Colored Bingo Set: ​Full Bingo Set. Contains Bingo Cage, Bingo, Master Board, and Complete set of 1-75 Balls. Also comes with Dobbers and disposable Bingo Cards.

  41. Pull-Up Bar (2)

  42. Punch Bag Machine

  43. Redman Self Defence Suit: ​Redman Self Defence Suit used for Self Defence classes

  44. Reeball Guns: For indoor use only: There is a total of 20 Reeball guns. Each tote has 10 Weapons, 10 Masks, 10 Hoppers, and 10 Barrel covers, along with an Instruction Manual. There is also Co2 tanks that will come with the weapons, you may ask for more tanks if need be. These Reeball Weapons are not to be used for Paintball.

  45. Rockwall (6): Must have 30' cieling clearance for indoor use. Not usable outdoors under 32 degrees. Must have 1 person present that has attended S4 Rockwall Training.

  46. T-Shirt Gun (6)